IV International Congress Explorers Riese

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Riese Association invites you to participate in the IV International Congress of Explorers – Riese 2015 on 4-7 June 2015 year, which will be held at the Museum of Military Technology Molke S III in Ludwikowice Klodzkie .
This will be the fourth edition of this event with the participation of groups of exploration , reconstruction and individuals .
The event will be focused mainly on discovering and penetration of the underworld, the exchange of information and experiences , presentation equipment and techniques exploratory workshops climbing under the supervision of specialists from Disaster Rescue and visit military facilities at the Museum .
For visitors promotional price of tickets 10pln including:
-Sightseeing individual from 9.oo pm to 19.oo
-presentation new movie „Molke”
and reportage of the last surviving prisoner „Molk”
-reconstruction Thursday Friday, Saturday Sunday at 15.oo
-amateur vocal performances, qualifying for the festival „Owlish Mountains song festival patriotic
-stoiska shopping and dining of 9.oo to 19.oo
-strzelnice and other attractions of 9.oo to 19.oo
The program for the participants of the rally
-Research radiosthetic
-the study GPR
-derrick (confirmation testing by performing drilling control)
-camera penetration (to validate the test object)
-excavator loader (possible unveiling of found objects)
For the participants of the rally, charges and participation in the search PACKAGE -100 pln including:
-patrolled parking in the museum
-access to water, electricity, toilets
-one hot meal a day (4 days)
(Pea soup with insert, stew, baked beans, tripe)
-evening karaoke with a bonfire and grilled sausage
-canteen consideration: coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and meals from the card (50% discount)
The organizer has applied for financial assistance to representatives of the Marshal Offices of Municipalities and, unfortunately without success because the event must be tickets for individual tourists as well as for the participants minimum fee package for the stay and participation in the fourth MZE
The cost of participation is calculated at cost self catering, parking, electricity costs, water. Prepare objects tents, furniture and others.
Hiring a drilling rig, GPR, excavators Government 7-10 thousand pln, which cover organizer with its own funds.
Running or active digging as demonstrated by previous congresses also did not work, so the organizer provides staff to support the work of machines.
Participation explorers mainly consists of a review of priority and in the penetration of outdoor facilities, integration with the environment, fun and adventure. The organizer agrees to conduct research and to penetrate the object of which is the operator (within certain limits area) Package price for participants is not subject to negotiation and to each participant, regardless of length of stay.
Information about the possible success of the congress will be posted on FB and on the sides of www.wlodarz.pl and www.muzeummolke.pl
Thanks for understanding – WELCOME

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